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Pacha Ibiza celebrated its 50 years with Marco Carola and Solomun

The Pacha group celebrated its 50th anniversary, commemorating the first time that its founder, Ricardo Urgell, opened the doors of the emblematic two cherries club in Ibiza. And, as to be expected, the celebration was big, including a group of very special guests led by Solomun and Marco Carola, who performed back-to-back for the first time ever.

Photo Credit:  Raul Sanchez / Adolf Comes

Divided into two acts, the party began in the early hours of the afternoon at Destino Pacha where Angel Linde and Willie Graff, two familiar faces of the house, were in charge of warming up the spirits with fresh electronic summer beats, suitable for the occasion.

When the sun had already begun to set,  it was the turn of Solomun and Marco Carola, who began a musical journey in two parts that would last until the early hours of the morning at Pacha Ibiza.

The Croatian and the Italian began their shared session calmly, but already with somewhat altered BPM’s paired with lots of groove, something that characterizes both of them. The atmosphere between the two was relaxed and friendly but without much communication at first. However, throughout the afternoon and when each one began to enter their comfort zone, the jokes and laughter between the two artists created an atmosphere worthy of the special celebration. Other familiar faces who came to share the milestone were Paco Osuna and Fisher, who fraternized with them until midnight.

Once the first round was over, which ended with much applause and euphoria from the public present, we headed to  Pacha Ibiza where we found Bedouin,  who carry their Saga residency every Wednesday at the venue. The duo took us on a journey with their characteristic sounds, fusions of the Middle East, vocals, and dark rhythms, which would be an appetizer for the continuation of the date.

Once the set of the  US-based duo was finished, Solomun and Marco Carola retook control of the venue, which was at its maximum capacity and with a diversity of lasers and light effects. For 4 hours they displayed their entire repertoire of powerful tracks, both, their own and remixes, and many that we couldn’t recognize, making the attendees dance intensely during the long-awaited session.

Pacha’s 50th anniversary was a date that will go down in the island’s history, not only for the organizers but also for the clubbers who gathered on this doubleheader. Our congratulations to the team that has led this club to be one of the most recognized dance entities worldwide, may the successes continue!

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