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Pale Blue select their top 10 inspirational tracks ahead of Get Lost

The collaboration between New Jersey-based Italians Do It Better co-founder Mike Simonetti and vocalist Elizabeth Wight of the L.A. duo Silver Hands, Pale Blue’s music shifts from melodic techno to ambient productions while maintaining a dreamy, quietly cathartic mood.

Now, fresh from the releases of ‘No Words’ and ‘Dive’ on Crosstown Rebels, the pair is set to perform at this year’s edition of Get Lost Miami.

Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels is kickstarting its 20th season with Get Lost Miami. The 24-hour takeover of Factory Town in Hialeah will take place this March 25th, 2023.

Celebrating the peculiar and unusual, the fully immersive Get Lost experience will feature over 90 acts, including an opening 12 PM set from the Wizardry trio (Damian Lazarus, DJ Tennis, and DJ Three), and musical performances from Major Lazer Sound System, Carl Craig, DJ Tennis, Major League DJz, Pete Tong, Seth Troxler, Dennis Cruz, Bedouin, Art Department, A-Trak, Skream, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Danny Tenaglia, Pale Blue (Live), DJ Holographic, ANOTR, Carlita, Chloé Caillet, Layla Benitez, Mita Gami, Adam Ten, and more.

As we gear up for Get Lost Miami, Pale Blue selects their top 10 inspirational tracks of the moment:

1. Sade – I Couldn’t Love You More

“Everyone loves Sade, and I’ve been really into this album especially, and I listened to it a lot when I was writing this new Pale Blue album, ‘Maria’… I love how bare these songs are. It’s very personal, and I took a lot of influence in creating a mood from this record. It’s a perfect album… ‘I Couldn’t Love You More’ is the one though.” 

2. This Mortal Coil – You And Your Sister

“Another band everyone loves, and I absolutely love this song. This was a huge influence on the song ‘No Words’… The mood and arrangement, chords. I thought a lot about the third progression with this album. A beautiful masterpiece of an album.”

3. Rolling Stones  – Moonlight Mile

“This may be one of the greatest songs ever written, in the history of time. Of all music… I strive to make something 1/1000th as good as this. I listen to it and it inspires me a lot. There’s a part around the 4:00 mark that will never be topped by any music ever. The first drop, as they say…” 

4. Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy & Friends – Rubin & Cherise

“This is one of the best Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia covers I’ve ever heard, and there are a lot of covers out there. I’ve been known to dabble (a LOT) in The Dead, and I totally endorse this cover. I love doing covers as well, and the way Will Oldham makes it his own is just perfect. It’s not self-indulgent at all. And you can hear both Will Oldham and The Dead in my music… I listened to this a lot when mixing ‘Maria’.”

5. The Field – Silent

“I can choose any of The Field’s songs as a favorite, as they are one of my all-time favorite electronic acts. ‘From Here We Go Sublime’ is his high point, a perfect album. I am obsessed with loops and he is a master at looping stuff to make it sound like its own. This song is simply beautiful, with a Fleetwood Mac and Coldplay sample to boot. You hear a TON of The Field in all of my music.”

6. The War On Drugs – Harmonia’s Dream

“This album is a masterclass in recording, production, and arrangements. One of the best-sounding records of the last 20 years… I wish my stuff would sound half this good. The drums are perfect sounding. Plus the music is incredible as well. This song is just perfect in every way. I can imagine how much work went into this album.” 

7. Elton John – Your Song (Demo Version)

“All-time #1 Elton John fan here. I’ve been really into his demos lately. This particular demo is so intimate and personal sounding- you can him breathing and his mouth really close to the microphone. You’re not used to hearing Elton John so intimate like this. I listened to his demos a lot when making ‘Maria’.”

8. WhoMadeWho – Every Minute Alone (Tale Of Us Remix)

“Lately I’ve been revisiting old songs I used to play all the time while DJing, and this was one of the tracks I would play every night on tour. I cant believe it’s over 10 years old already. This remix has it all –  it’s hard, sparse, and heavy. It destroys every time. I started playing this one again, so don’t be surprised if you hear it out. This is kind of the template for modern tech house, so blame them…” 

9. Lama ‎– Love On The Rocks

“One of my favorite Italo tracks, a timeless song. And of course, it’s a cover. Another one I started playing again. It’s always an inspiration. It reminds me of the movie ‘Scarface’ for some reason…”

10. Slowdive – Blue Skied An’ Clear

“We are basically a shoegaze techno band… And of course, Slowdive is one of our greatest influences. When Slowdive made ‘Pygmalion’, the label hated it because it didn’t sound like their other records, it was slower, more dramatic, more country-influenced… more emo… Turns out they were 20 years ahead of their time because this is what a lot of stuff sounds like now. A masterpiece of an album. A huge influence on us.” 

Pale Blue is set to perform at Get Lost Miami. Purchase your tickets here.

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