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Pan-Pot celebrates 20 years of career with ‘FORTE’

Showcasing their new sound direction while paying homage to their past, present, and future.

Photo credit: Dominik Hoang

German techno duo Pan-Pot has unveiled their latest project entitled ‘FORTE’. The album commemorates the duo’s 20th anniversary and showcases their enduring presence in the scene.

‘FORTE’, meaning strong, reflects on our sound and represents the highs and lows we’ve experienced. It’s a journey of reflection, reinvention, and inspiration drawn from our global travels and the people we’ve encountered,” explained Pan-Pot.

The ‘FORTE’ collection by Pan-Pot begins with ‘PROTO’, featuring powerful industrial percussion and a modulating bassline that establishes the collection’s tone. The second single, ‘BOND’, delivers a cutting yet groovy experience with swinging drums, shuffled percussion, and a sawing bassline. Other tracks in the collection include ‘FUTURA’, ‘EVOLUTION’, and ‘NOVA’, showcasing Pan-Pot’s new sound direction. ‘CORE’ is tailored for purists with drum machine shots and rippling synth melodies, while ‘ARC’ delves into minimal techno. ‘EON’ takes listeners on a spooky journey, ‘UTOPIA’ provides dynamic contrast, and ‘CODA’ concludes the collection with gritty electronic goodness.

“These tracks represent the past, present, and future, spanning various styles, but most importantly, they are all tracks that we love and enjoy playing. We wanted to create our own original music once again, and this project, celebrating 20 years of Pan-Pot, has been a long time in the making,” concludes the duo.

Listen to ‘FORTE’ below and download your copy here.

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