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Pandhora presents new EP ‘Floating Consciousness’

Featuring three new original tracks.

Production and live performance duo Pandhora has unveiled their latest release, ‘Floating Consciousness’. The latest EP features three original cuts by the French outfit and is already available as an independent release.

According to Pandhora, ‘Floating Consciousness’ is a ‘collection is a reminder of the fundamental goals of life: happiness, satisfaction, and the absence of pain.’

The first track, ‘Aponia’, which features the vocals of Sanguinello, presents itself as ‘a progressive and downtempo sound experience that announces the beginning of this journey’, while ‘Euthymia’ ‘is related to the calm phase found in the hard moments of our lives.’For its part, ‘Ataraxia’, ‘seeks to eliminate our disturbances and the banality of pleasures’.

The artwork for ‘Floating Consciousness’ was designed by Headmaid, and the liner notes by Luis Carreño.

You can listen to Pandhora’s ‘Floating Consciousness’ below and grab your copy here.


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