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Pantheon feat. Nyxen – Timewarp – Unknown Records

Unknown Records partner and A&R Head Pantheon is back with an acid infused techno single featuring label friend Nyxen who contributes her infectious vocals to this energetic piece. Starting off with no regrets, this track opens with a driving acid bassline, punchy kick and catchy vocals. The track further builds up with groovy percussion loops and clean sounding drums. An intense big room banger suited for festival stages and dark club rooms.

Horowitz remixes the track as a groovier production driven by a deeper bassline but not falling behind in energy nonetheless. The track features a notorious lead synth that never goes away and a long attention-grabbing breakdown in the middle bound to lift up souls and create euphoria when the drop hits.

Last but not least, Unknown Associates deliver their impeccable take on ‘Timewarp’ reconstructing the track as a true techno production that conserves the original’s vocals and some synth elements but takes the whole into darker, more mature waters.

Pantheon’s ‘Timewarp’ is already available. Stream and buy here.


1. Timewarp feat. Nyxen – Pantheon
2. Timewarp feat. Nyxen (Horowitz Remix) – Pantheon
3. Timewarp feat. Nyxen (Unknown Associates Remix) – Pantheon

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