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Parties4Peace celebrates its 17th anniversary in Tokyo

This year, Parties4Peace (P4P) is celebrating our 17 Year Anniversary in Tokyo, featuring talent from New York City and Japan-based artists! The nonprofit was founded in Japan in 2002 by Emilie McGlone as an event production and fundraising organization that hosts music and art events to support various global initiatives focused on education, sustainability, equality, and disaster relief. P4P unites people to create a culture of peace through dance and music, emphasizing collaborations with those who seek the platform to make a difference.

Since moving to New York City, Parties4Peace has continued to create opportunities for creative artist exchanges across borders through an annual event in Tokyo and a DJ Tour in Patagonia, Chile where artists from around the world can exchange culture through their music. In recent years, artists such as Philipp Jung from M.A.N.D.Y., Pier Bucci, Holmar, Jon Charnis, Lauren Ritter, Justin Marchacos, Daniel Cowel, Michael Tello from PillowTalk, Francisco Allendes and many other Chilean producers have joined the international tours in support of education for environmental sustainability.

Using funds raised through events and donations from artists and other members of the dance music community, Parties4Peace has implemented international initiatives like AIDS education in Ghana, building a community center in El Salvador, environmental awareness education in Cambodia, protecting the nature of Patagonia (Chile), music education in Caracas (Venezuela), art education in Bangalore (India), photography workshops in Argentina, outreach and education for communities in Kenya, protecting the ocean and natural resources in Okinawa (Japan), and disaster relief work in Japan, Chile, and NY. To learn more about P4P initiatives, please visit their website

We had the chance to talk with Rick Rosa that will be playing at Tokyo’s Orizrui on October 18th for the P4P 17th-anniversary party. For more info about the event and artists click here.

Electronic Groove: Hey Rick, glad to be with you today. When did you start playing music and how would you describe the music that you play now as a resident of the Sounddek parties in New York?

Rick Rosa: Hello all, I started playing 5 years ago and I would describe my music as a journey filled with deep/progressive melodic sounds including instruments and heavy kicks.

EG: Rick, you’ve played for a Parties4Peace collaboration in New York and now you will go to Tokyo – what inspires you to play for P4P?

Rick Rosa: Paying it forward is my inspiration with P4P because we all as human beings must give back in one form or another and to be able to do what you love as a way to give back & support is truly a beautiful thing.

EG: Tell us about your inspiration from the artists that you book for parties with Sounddek and how you feel that you are able to contribute to the music scene in New York City?

Rick Rosa: I’m inspired through the musical curation of Sounddek because we brought in a wide array of artists from headliners down to the young local DJs. I wanted to give back to the community and create a platform for talented local artists to have a platform to play and open up for renowned artists in the scene. I also helped to incorporate the live music element to every Sounddek event which brought in even more talented musicians. The moral of the story is, we aim to create a platform and I choose to use it for the good by giving back to the community of local artists and paying it forward.

EG: This is your Tokyo debut – what excites you most about going to Japan and playing at Orizuru Club?

Rick Rosa: I’ve heard so many great things about the Japanese scene and it’s only been positive so I’m excited to bring my unique NYC sound to the dance floor of Orizuru club.

EG: How do you think Parties4Peace can make a positive difference in the world? What can artists / producers / party organizers do to contribute?

Rick Rosa: The Parties4Peace model should be used by all artist/producers/ party organizers because everyone has some sort of passion about something that’s close to their heart which can be used as a way to support local communities. If one is given a gift of being able to heard, then it’s our job to use it and give back.

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