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Pawas, Sitara, and Non Solo collaborate on ‘Take Control’

Now available through Electromantica.

Pawas, Sitara, and Non Solo have joined forces for their latest release, ‘Take Control’. This track, now available via Electromantica, showcases the creative synergy of these artists.

‘Take Control’ incorporates Sitara’s playful yet profound lyrics, blending them with Pawas’ rhythmic grooves. Anurag’s melancholic flute melodies add a touch of soulfulness, resulting in a nostalgic piece that takes listeners on a dreamy journey. The song explores universal themes, evoking emotions and creating a sweet and relatable experience.

Providing a fresh perspective to the track is Johannes Klingebiel, an artist based in Berlin and a founding member of the kraut-jazz band C.A.R. Klingebiel adds his touch to the remix, transforming the original track.

Listen to ‘Take Control’ below and download your copy here.

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