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PAWKARMAYTA shows his ancestral sounds on ‘Supernova’

With the Peruvian musical culture as main influence.

The artist Anthony Paucarmayta just released new record material under the name of his musical project, PAWKARMAYTA. It is a four-track EP entitled ‘Supernova’, which comes to conquer us with his ancestral sounds, released on The Flying Monkey Records.

Anthony was born in Cusco, Peru, in constant contact with the ancient civilizations that have guided him in the cosmovision and ancestral knowledge. This is what he tries to express on his latest venture and video.

PAWKARMAYTA creates sounds compositions using rhythm boxes, synthesizers, digital software and environmental sound samples from the Sacred Valley, along with recordings by masters such as Tito La Rosa, with whom he occasionally joins to work in the rebirth of the Peruvian musical culture.

Watch the ‘Supernova’ video and grab your copy here.

Lista de temas:

  1. Supernova
  2. Estrellas figitivas
  3. Onis Namati
  4. Gigantes azules
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