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Peggy Gou Announces Fashion Line And Label

Peggy Gou announces fashion line and label

The name of the line, Kirin, means giraffe, her favorite animal in Korean.

South Korean rising star Peggy Gou is presenting her new project, a fashion line with the name of Kirin, done in collaboration with New Guards Group. The collection’s concept was created based on her trendy style.

The brand will start as a women’s clothing line and then would evolve into a unisex brand. Peggy wanted to create items in which she could imprint her signature style. Also, she wants to the use the fashion platform to promote more Asian artists.

“When I first started DJing I wanted to look as serious as possible, I used to dress up in just a white t-shirt and denim but now I know fashion is just part of me” says Gou.

The Asian artist also confirmed she’s working on her label, Gudu. “At first I wanted to have just my music, but now I think people would like to know what kind of artists I support”, she commented.

The fashion line will be launched in 2019. 

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