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Philipp Frueh & Ronald Christoph link up for ‘Diner 1 of 2’

Featuring the late house legend Elbee Bad.

Philipp Frueh & Ronald Christoph have just dropped their new collaborative effort, ‘Diner 1 of 2’. The energetic new single is already available to stream and purchase via Ronald Christoph’s own Ghorucz Recordings label.

With a sweaty vibe, Philipp Frueh & Ronald Christoph’s ‘Diner 1 of 2’ pays true homage to the halcyon days of Chicago and New York’s house history. The piece also features late house legend Elbee Bad’s (Lamont Booker) signature spoken word, “elevating the spirit of the single to a highly danceable obituary full of energy”.

Listen to ‘Philipp Frueh & Ronald Christoph – Diner 1 of 2 (feat. Elbee Bad)’ below, and pick up your copy of the single here.

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