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Phlegmatic Dog – Keepmastik (Night Bass)

Phlegmatic Dog – Keepmastik (Night Bass)

Hailing from Moscow, Phlegmatic Dogs serve up their second EP on Night Bass with their high octane, bass heavy blend of Old School, Garage, House and Techno in the form of their ‘Keepmastik’ EP. This three track extravaganza gets the blood pumping from start to finish.

Up first we have title track ‘Keepmastik’, which creeps in with heavy percussion and an ominous build at a marching pace with a looped rap sample over the top. It builds and builds into a huge crescendo before dropping into a deep dubby bassline with a bevy of effects from dubstep wobble to loud crashes marking a serious no-nonsense start to the EP.

Second, we have ‘Serious Franky’, a bouncier track with the bass down low. Distorted vocals dance over the beat as hats and toms crash over each other. Other ominous effects grind over each other to mark another in your face track that makes you want to move.

Lastly, we have ‘Donut Dope’ which kicks off straight away. With serious nods to old school bassline here this track has you traveling through time. With a Sci-Fi like bassline sounding like a UFO in conjunction with heavy snares, heart topping builds and great samples. This is a great end to an EP that doesn’t mess about from artists who know their music!

Phlegmatic Dog’s ‘Keepmastik’ EP is already available on Night Bass.

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