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Pig&Dan and Gregor Tresher link up for collaborative LP, ‘Soulcatcher’

Available as streaming only.

After their acclaimed collaborative EP, ‘Challenger’, Pig&Dan and Gregor Tresher have teamed up once again to deliver a powerful ten-track LP titled ‘Soulcatcher’. This is just the 7th studio album by Truesoul in its 19 years of history.

Pig&Dan, a current techno treasure trove, with one of the genre’s most distinct discographies, remain still one of the most trusted contributors to Beyer’s labels in recent years and, with ‘Soulcatcher’, they signal their third Truesoul release this 2021. Gregor Tresher has contributed to the development of the European techno sound for the last 25 years, dropping some fan-favorites of the genre in ‘Goliath’ and ‘A Thousand Nights’ along the way.

Listen to Pig&Dan and Gregor Tresher’s ‘Soulcatcher’ below.


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