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Pihka Is My Name releases new album ‘Caller Unknown’

Out via Record Union.

Photo credit: Niko Hallikainen

Pihka Is My Name, the production duo, is making a comeback with their latest album titled ‘Caller Unknown’.

‘Caller Unknown’ is a fusion of electronic music genres, including electronica, synth-wave, nu-disco, and funk. It pays homage to well-known brands in the industry such as Roland, Moog, Yamaha, and Korg. The album takes listeners on a captivating sonic journey, from disco anthems of ‘Valid Sync’ and ‘Station In Flames’ to the introspective track ‘I Exist’.

Hailing from Finland, Pihka Is My Name is an electronic duo that combines analogue synthesizers, piano motifs, and drum machines to create their unique sound. The duo consists of composer-pianist Henna Helasvuo and producer-sound designer Lasse Turunen.

Listen to ‘Caller Unknown’ below and download your copy here.

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