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Pioneer DJ Reveals Their New CDJ-3000

Pioneer DJ reveals their new CDJ-3000

Featuring an advanced Memory Protection Unit.

Pioneer DJ has just revealed brand-new flagship multiplayer, the CDJ-3000. Following up on the path blazed by the CDJ-2000NX2, the CDJ-3000 has been designed to include expansive new features including an MPU, which makes it the most advanced DJ player available.

The MPU is what drives the unit. This enables the player’s many innovative new features at an advanced speed. A bigger and higher resolution 9-inch touch screen has been added, with an intuitive user interface displaying the play-pin position and reference artwork. Newer controls, shortcuts, and preview options enabling effortless and rapid track selection have all been improved upon. Another feature of the CDJ-3000 includes a Gigabit Ethernet connection for Pro DJ Link, meaning audio files can be shared and played via USBs and SD cards on up to six CDJ-3000s when combined with the DJM-V10.

For over 25 years, Pioneer has been redefining how music is played, embracing each technological advancement in the industry, from digital scratching through to management of digital music via rekordbox. By blending the tactile qualities of physical turntables with extensive digital tools, Pioneer DJ enabled news styles of DJing and established the CDJ as the cornerstone of each cabin in the globe as the leading industry standard.

The CDJ-3000 is available now at an estimated US$ 2.780. You can find out more about the new CDJ here.


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