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Pioneer introduces cloud DJing to their CDJ-3000

Play music straight from your personal Dropbox.

DJ hardware & software brand Pioneer has announced the introduction of their new CloudDirectPlay feature that enables users to connect up to 6 CDJs to the internet via the Link hub. This way, the USB storage devices will be used to authenticate and access your Dropbox account through a Creative or Professional rekordbox plan.

Once accounts are synced, users can select the cloud as their CDJ source, and access the full rekordbox library and playlists. If another USB device is in use, files in the USB will also be available throughout all CDJs plugged into the network.

Upon removal of the USB device, the network loses access to the Dropbox storage, disabling anyone from accessing your files. Users can even revoke access from their own devices in case of malfunction or loss. Any changes or updates made to the collection will be modified instantly on the cloud.

Watch Pioneer’s video on CloudDirectPlay below, and learn more about the new feature here.


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