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Plant Ahead Money: Financial coaching for artists and creatives

The platform empowers the creative community with customized coaching and advice on budgeting, saving, investing, and financial planning.

Plant Ahead Money was recently launched. This new venture is led by Federika, a Venezuelan DJ and producer with over a decade of experience in the electronic music scene. The platform offers financial coaching specifically tailored for creatives, artists, and individuals seeking financial stability and growth.

After achieving artistic success but facing financial challenges due to a lack of structure and strategy, Federika recognized a critical need for financial literacy and planning within the creative community. This realization led to the creation of Plant Ahead Money, aimed at empowering those who struggle to balance their creative pursuits with sound financial management.

Plant Ahead Money operates out of London, where Carolina Rodriguez, Federika’s business partner and senior coach, is based. The platform bridges the gap between creativity and financial acumen, offering customized coaching services and practical advice to help clients establish a solid financial foundation for their future.

Plant Ahead Money provides various services, including guidance on budgeting, saving, investing, and comprehensive financial planning. The goal is to equip creatives and artists with the tools to thrive both creatively and financially, offering ongoing support throughout their financial journey. Sessions are available online in both English and Spanish, making them accessible to clients worldwide.

For more information, visit the Plant Ahead Money website.

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