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Play Tracks From A Classic London Taxi

Play tracks from a classic London taxi

A new business is circling the streets of London.

There’s a new, rising trend among cabbies in the UK’s capital. Cabs are now offering what they call ‘DJ Taxi’, a DJ booth in the back of one of the famous British black taxis. It is available to be rented by the hour and features a soundsystem ‘that packs a serious punch’. The set up can also be connected to other speakers to celebrate events with more people than could possibly fit in the cab itself.

The cabin features two Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS2s and a DJM 900 NXS2s (although other equipment can be requested), plus two cameras and a pair of microphones prepared for streaming via OBS.

In addition, the business does not stop there since they also offer DJ classes, always respecting social distance guidelines.

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