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Point Blank Plugin Of The Week: Eventide Blackhole (Video)

Point Blank review Eventide’s Blackhole in the latest episode of Plugin of The Week.

Point Blank’s plugin crash test dummies JC and Carly are back with a brand new ‘Plugin of The Week’, this time diving into the otherworldly, galactic reverb ‘Blackhole’, created by the folks at Eventide.

Blackhole began as an algorithm in Eventide’s DSP4000 & H8000 hardware processors, often regarded as a ‘secret weapon’ by sound engineers. The plugin allows its users to create reverbs without the constraints of reality, adding mind-bending drones and special effects. However, this doesn’t mean you’re limited to these effects. Blackhole is capable of being used incredibly musically, proving useful for highlighting key instruments or creating a unique backdrop for your mix.

Blackhole’s intuitive UI makes it incredibly easy to use, and its 50+ presets add a wide range of options before you’ve even begun to tweak it yourself. It’s unique ‘Gravity’ control allows you to invert the reverb’s decay and its Kill Switch mutes the input allowing for some incredible effects. Blackhole’s true ace in the hole is its innovative Ribbon and Hot Switch controls, allowing for the changing of any combination of parameters simultaneously. this truly is a plugin we are looking forward to getting sucked into!

For the full breakdown, watch JC and Carly dissect Blackhole in the video above.

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