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Pooja B curates genre-spaning compilation for India’s COVID relief

All proceeds are donated to trustworthy charities.

Berlin-based techno artist Pooja B has curated ‘We The People’, a very special compilation, showcasing the works of India-born artists living abroad, coming together to support their motherland through this very difficult period.

‘It’s not been easy for many of us from India to sit in our privileged position, while friends and family are in the midst of this horrible second wave of the pandemic. I put together this compilation as music is the best way we as artists can urgently amplify and support India’s desperate need for help, whilst being far away,’ says Pooja B about the current situation and her efforts behind ‘We The People’.

The new compilation features original tracks by artists like Decoder, Low Volume, PAV4N X SUKH KNIGHT, PKO, Nikki Nair, Satya Hinduja, Snad, Stof, VANDANA, WeTurnToRed, and Pooja B herself.

Every copy purchased is a donation to trustworthy charities that are currently organizing medication, hospital beds, and oxygen for COVID-19 patients, including providing aid to those who are severely affected and have little to no support from the government.

You can purchase your copy of Pooja B’s ‘We Are The People’ here.

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