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Portto’s ‘Dark Void’ gets a fresh remix by PR.A.DO

Now available via Portto Music.

Photo credit: Portto – Official

DJ and producer PR.A.DO has breathed new life into Portto’s ‘Dark Void’ track with a compelling remix.

The new version features a meticulously crafted lead and an entrancing melody. PR.A.DO skillfully guides the audience through a danceable journey, using mind-bending vocal effects that elevate the track.

As the founder of the Subliminar artistic collective, PR.A.DO has been a significant force in advancing the Brazilian music scene and other artistic domains. His research spans genres such as disco, italo, breakbeat, EBM, electro, house, and funk, showcasing his versatility.

Listen to Dark Void (PR.A.DO Remix) below and grab your copy here.


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