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Posh Chocolates defies genre boundaries on ‘Clever Weight Champion’

The EP is now available via GODMODE.

Photo credit: Posh Chocolates – Official

Posh Chocolates, also known as Christian Ellery, has released an EP titled ‘Clever Weight Champion’ that defies genre boundaries, which is now available via GODMODE.

Beginning with ‘Weird & Bizarre,’ the track showcases unconventional drum beats and an infectious groove. Next is ‘Seein’ Stars,’ featuring lively guitar work and funky drum arrangements.  ‘7%’ introduces a hip-hop-inspired atmosphere, and finally, ‘Level Up,’ creates a haunting ambiance with pitched vocals and trap-influenced drum patterns.

‘Clever Weight Champion’ delves into themes of basic human fulfillment, self-identity, and self-expression. The release challenges societal expectations and blurs conventional categorizations. Ellery adopts a crafted persona to effectively convey his thoughts, utilizing rap as the chosen medium. The title is a personal reference and an alter-ego inspired by MF Doom’s Quazimoto.

Listen to ‘Clever Weight Champion’ below.

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