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Powel selects 10 tracks for 10 different places

Following a brief hiatus from the label, longtime All Day I Dream family member Powel returns to unveil the emotive four-track EP, ‘Piano Reeves’.

Photo Credit: Eddy Kruse

 Enter the ethereal sonic realm of Paul Chriske, the German musical maestro known as Powel, who specializes in “creating harmonious illusions of sound.” Powel is a longtime family member of Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream imprint, having first released on the label in 2015. Releasing his four-track ‘Piano Reeves’ EP, the artist returns to All Day I Dream to release his first record with the label since his ‘The Beauty of a Polaroid’ album in 2020.

To celebrate the release of ‘Piano Reeves’, Powel compiles a selection of his 10 favorite tracks based on 10 different places.

1. Belgium

Hermanez & Lost Desert – Sapphire Session

“There have been a few awesome collab tracks from my two favorite Belgian artists. But this one is my favorite so far.” 

2. Paris

Janeko – Deeper Thoughts

“A beautiful city, with one of my favorite record stores. Pretty much everything that’s happening in and around Yoyaku is just pure gold.” 

3. London

Fort Romeau – Be With U

“Not quite sure if he’s actually from London, but it’s a brilliant track. I really like to play at the moment.” 

4. Sweden

Dorisburg – Voices

“I love the calmness of the Swedish countryside, just like this track.”

5. Bahrain

Zone+ – Space Invaders

“I always think back very fondly to my visit there. The Soundscapes crew organized a wonderful afternoon/evening in a beautiful garden with great people and lovely music.”

6. Berlin

Soela – Berlin

“I really like my city and this track captures it perfectly for me, and I just absolutely love everything Soela has released so far.” 

7. Ukraine

KiRiK – MR002#1

“I’m glad I had the chance to experience the incredible music scene of Kyiv in 2021, even if it was just for a brief moment. We all know what happened next. I just wish for the Ukrainian people for the war to be over and that they’ll be able to get their country back in full as soon as possible.” 

8. New York

Lauren Ritter – Quartz

“I’ve been to New York quite often over the last few years and made lots of friends there. It feels like a second home sometimes. Lauren always has been one of my favorite producers and DJs. Her ‘Lark’ EP on All Day I Dream is still one of my favorites from the label.”

9. Miami

Behrouz – Endless Summer

“Always a pleasure, to be in Miami and to play at one of my favorite clubs, like Do Not Sit On The Furniture. I just wish all the best for his recovery and strength for his loved ones helping him through everything.”

10. San Francisco

Slope114 – Satya

“Found this on one of my many visits to San Francisco. Back then, my good friend Trev asked me to play a set at the Vinyldreams Record Store there. The problem was that I didn’t bring any records during that trip. So I just played random ones I found at the store and that way I came across this absolute gem.” 

Powel’s ‘Piano Reeves’ is out now via All Day I Dream. Stream and buy here.

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