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PRAANA: “This sound, this label, and PRAANA are extensions of music which is healing”

PRAANA, recognized as “the original creative force behind the vast sea of universal energy,” has just released the highly anticipated third volume of the yearly Colorize compilation series. Titled Colorscapes Volume Five, this exceptional release is now available on major streaming platforms, showcasing the remarkable talents of leading artists in the progressive and melodic house music scene.

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The compilation begins with a captivating mix from the label co-founders themselves, PRAANA. Their mix introduces listeners to soul-stirring melodies, pulsating rhythms, and captivating atmospheres that transcend traditional boundaries. Esteemed Dutch producer and DJ, Estiva, then continues the sonic journey with his carefully curated selection. Finally, the series concludes with the mesmerizing sounds of Swedish artist KLUR, providing an unforgettable experience.

PRAANA recently spoke with EG to share more details about this recent release, as well as their future projects and more.

EG: Hi guys! Welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

PRAANA: Hey what’s up EG! Thanks for the inquiry, we actually just landed back from China, as we had a show in Chengdu on Saturday, so a big trip home!

EG: First of all, congratulations on the release of your ‘Colorscapes Volume 5’! What has the initial reception been like?

PRAANA: Ahhh thanks for the kudos, appreciate that. Every year it’s such an artistic joy to pour ourselves creatively into these mixes, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive! Super rad to be honest, as we’re absolutely in love with the Colorize sound atm.

EG: So, what can your fans expect to find in this installment of ‘Colorscapes’? Do you see an evolution in the sound of ‘Colorscapes’ throughout the years?

PRAANA: When approaching this series, we try to really use our intuitive creative mind and not the intellect itself. Sometimes these concepts such as “evolution” can become obstacles to creative flow for us. It’s much simpler than that really, it’s as honest as “Does this record move me emotionally or align me internally to a place where I feel more centered, grounded, connected?” That’s the compass for us. This sound, this label, and PRAANA are extensions of music which is healing. We’re not even thinking about evolution, as that will naturally take care of itself.

EG: Having already curated previous installments of ‘Colorscapes’, is the process of putting everything together the same? Or do you switch it up with every edition?

PRAANA: To be honest it’s as simple as going through the mounds of submissions we get over the year, choosing some select records to hold back for this compilation, and then putting them all in various arrangements in key. It always comes down to the music really, the process of mixing the compilation is pretty chill. In terms of the mix itself though, we are producing elements over the transitions between the two records so that the mixes are absolutely seamless. This takes a bit of time. Also, pretty time intensive is going through the metaphysical/spiritual teachings from Rishi’s, Yogis, Sages, and Sages and collating those throughout the mix.

“We try to really use our intuitive creative mind and not the intellect itself”

EG: Last year, the drop of ‘Colorscapes’ culminated with Colorize’s largest European event to date, held as part of ADE at Nova. Are there any plans in store for this year? Anything you can anticipate on that front?

PRAANA: Yes so rad! We’re back to ADE again this year, and then PRAANA is looking to launch our first Colorize Showcase series in North America! We are so excited to bring acts from Colorize to tour the USA.

EG: We know that your sound incorporates both mediation and melody. According to your vision, where do you find the notion of “meditation” in electronic dance music?

PRAANA: Meditation is both a practice, as well as a state of Consciousness. It’s a plain of awareness which is transcendent to the Mind and body, yet is simultaneously the quanta or substratum from which the mind and all other phenomena manifest. Music is a direct transmission of emotion – energy in motion. It’s vibrational in nature, as are all forms. As such, we see music as an amazing vehicle through which one can experience a shift in consciousness. I am a Yogi, a Meditation Teacher, and a Student of Advaita Vedanta. As such, I see this music as very transformational in nature. Jai Gurudeva!

EG: Social media seems to be playing a very prominent role in an artist’s development. But is it taking too much away from the actual music and making it more about numbers and the visual aspect?

PRAANA: Depends on the artist and how much internal equanimity they have around marketing exercises and branding. If one is very resistant to that aspect of the business, they may find it challenging to grow and reach more fans. If one clings too much to stats, comments, numbers, and data – they can become egoically lost in the rat race and lose sight of their truest self, their most authentic beingness. As such, one should find inner balance. Meditation & Pranayama are in my opinion the most effective and efficacious technique for stabilising inner bliss and inner contentness, irregardless of external phenomena.

EG: Have you come across any good books, movies, or records recently that you’d personally recommend? Where do you look for inspiration?

PRAANA: Absolutely! Check out ‘Becoming Nobody’ by Ram Dass, and if you really wanna take the plunge check out ‘The Secret of the Yoga Sutra (Samadhi Pada)’ by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait.

“If one cling too much to stats, comments, numbers, and data – they can become egoically lost in the rat race and lose sight of their truest self”

EG: What’s next for PRAANA? Where can your fans catch you next? What new milestones are you looking forward to in 2023


EG: Thank you for your time, guys! We’re excited to see what’s in store for you. Take care!

PRAANA: Blessings!

PRAANA’s ‘Colorscapes Volume 5’ is out now. Stream and download here.

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