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Ae:ther shares 5 tips to work better in the studio

Photo credit: Kieran BehanCrystalmafia

Born and raised in Rome, with German DNA and a diverse musical palette, Ae:ther is an artist who has quickly established his pedigree as a formidable producer and selector through scintillating DJ sets and a batch of stunning releases. Now based in Berlin, he has returned to the motherland where he is steadily cultivating a reputation for haunting melodies and narcotic rhythms.  Ae:ther has considerable industry support with his focus on delivering high-quality dance floor ready cuts that channel his love for ambient electronica and transmitting deep emotion, while keeping the energy levels high.

At the birth of electronic music its visionary pioneers wanted to soundtrack the future, now that future is here it’s artists like Ae:ther who take up the mantle and guide us into the unknown. As part of the new vanguard he is perfectly poised to do just that, so strap yourself in and prepare to be transported into the next century.

Ae:ther just released his latest EP entitled ‘We’ll be Together’ via Crosstown Rebels. Today he shares 5 tips to work better in the studio.

1. Be focused

Solve all your personal problems that annoy your mood and try to enter in the studio with your mind free from negative thoughts and with a suitable environment that helps you concentrate. The ideal would be to work 3hr non-stop without interruptions of any kind away from social networks and phone calls that divert you from the point. If you have the studio in your house, it is also important to dress yourself and have a work attitude by not staying in pajamas, etc. Have some discipline to be clear.

2. Get organized

Try to always have all the equipment and synths connected under control to avoid slowdowns or imperfections during creation or mixing. You must always have the studio well-trimmed and functioning, even a minimal imperfection will slow you down, irritate you and slow down the creative process that many times vanishes from your mind. Let’s say this is a problem that could be fatal and make you waste a lot of time, but when you have everything connected well and in cleanliness, you immediately feel satisfied that you have overcome the obstacles and at ease ready to go.

3. Take a break

It is ideal as far as I am concerned, to have had a period of stop from the music, for example having perhaps spent a few hours or days out having fun or doing something pleasant that you usually like to do, which gives you peace and inspiration that is the right peace and mixture that will later turn into a positive charge of your state that will surely encourage you positively into a smart and enterprising creation. An organization like this would be recommended: when you know that on that specific day you will go to the studio maybe the day before you prepare some ideas or references, maybe you download new sample packs to use the next day or new VST for example. It would be nice to maybe listen to music that you have never listened to before or even experimental vintage music or albums that opens your brain to new ideas that will surely inspire your spirit. These moments also need concentration and time away from interruptions.

4. Make a plan

Enter in the studio with an idea to implement and how to implement it, what kind of synth and sounds to use. Having a plan in your head on what or which project maybe already started but not completed you could reuse for a new creation. Here you will certainly never stay on the main idea at the beginning but it is a professional way to achieve goals and transform yourself into a producer that mutates over the time and who manages to achieve what he wants in a short period of time.

5. Rethink and ask for feedback

It is essential to have a stop from the project after maybe arranging it or finishing a solid loop, so as not to fall into the repetitive listening loop that automatically becomes something you don’t like anymore, so your ear must rest from the track for a few hours when you feel satisfied of it or depending on your status that is pro or advance. For this process, you will need the help of someone in the professional field or trusted friends who do not give you wrong advice but who instead help you to have feedbacks outside your personal perceptions.

Ae:ther’s ‘We’ll Be Together’ is now available. Buy and stream here

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