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Third Son shares 5 tips to produce outstanding music

London based producer and owner of Polymath. Third Son’s goal has always been simple – to make the best music he can. Coming from a musical family and trained as a musician from a young age, his innate passion for music has taken him through styles and experimentation the world over.

Third Son just released his new EP ‘The You In You Isn’t the You You Thought Was In You’ via Polymath. Today he shares some tips to produce outstanding tracks.

1. Find your own workflow: Everyone’s different, and the way you work best will be personal to you. It took me a while to figure it out, but jamming out ideas live, including drums, synths and bass works wonders for me. It makes sense to me that should be the case for most people – good ideas don’t just come from thin air, or staring blankly at a screen.

2. Get up early: I find myself way more creative in the morning and the more time I give myself the bigger that window feels (a psychological thing). I get up around 6:30 now and start working pretty much straight away, followed by breakfast at 8. Maybe you are a night owl (I always thought I was), but trying something new is always worth it.

3. Give yourself creative limitations: Have a few go-to synths that you always use and know inside out. The paradox of choice can be creatively crippling, so think about stripping back your studio rather than building it up. Doing that recently really focussed my music.

4. Turn off your phone: Or put it on do not disturb. Or burn it. Either way, distractions will really slow you down. And when you’re getting into a track you don’t want to hinder that. I’ve read that switching tasks constantly is also bad for the brain. Keep that grey matter intact.

5. Work. Really hard: The only way to make something interesting but still palatable is to focus all your energy on a project. This is the best advice I ever got in music.

Third Son’s ‘The You In You Isn’t the You You Thought Was In You’ is now available via Polymath. Grab your copy here

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