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Prospa shares ‘If You Want My Loving’ via CircoLoco Records

The single is part of their upcoming EP on the Italian label.

Photo credit: Prospa – Official

UK-based electronic duo, Prospa recently shared ‘If You Want My Loving’, which embodies the spirit of the ’90s rave scene. The single is now available through CircoLoco Records.

‘If You Want My Loving’ showcases Prospa’s evolving sound and sets the stage for their highly anticipated EP. The cut blends house-style vocals with retro synth patterns and a pulsating bassline, creating an engaging and liberating beat.

“This first 2024 release signifies an evolution in our sound. It’s designed for the dancefloor, from DC10 and beyond,” Prospa commented.

Comprising Harvey Blumler and Gosha Smith, Prospa has been redefining classic dance music since 2013. Their 2018 hit ‘Prayer’ brought new life to Stress Records and cemented their position in the UK electronic scene. Their music induces euphoria with vibrant beats and introspective elements. They have performed at renowned venues worldwide, including Glastonbury, Coachella, and CircoLoco Ibiza.

Listen to ‘If You Want My Loving’ below and grab your copy here.

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