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‘Psychotic_Window’, Bjarki’s New Album

‘Psychotic_Window’, Bjarki’s new album

Once again the Icelandic artist shows his conceptual vision of music.

Bjarki has shared a new track entitled ‘Track 19’, which is part of what will be his next album entitled ‘Psychotic_Window’, to be released on December 6th via !K7 Records.

The songs that make up this new album had been included as secret tracks in the 200-limited edition of his ‘Happy Earthday’ LP. Such ones mean a lot in his musical story because he wrote them in “a depressing phase” of his life, in which the music production served as an escape of his personal situation.

As for the sound of this album, it is inspired by his home country of Iceland as well as the planet’s environmental issues, combining influences from techno, breakbeat, IDM, electronica and more.

Listen to ‘Track 19’ below and pre-order your copy here.

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