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Puma – Miami Analog Jams 001

Puma – Miami Analog Jams 001

A minimal, dubby vibe permeates across the debut EP from Puma, a Venezuelan DJ and producer based in Miami, who makes good use of echo-drenched stabs and samples to fill the spaces left by the fast-paced drums and percussion, creating a whirlpool of all-enveloping sound. In all, it´s a well-executed effort in simplicity and coherence that establishes a definite style for Puma in such an important milestone as is a debut EP.

The first two tracks ‘J09’ and ‘J10’ (the names keep with the overall minimal concept of the EP) kick off the record with swirling, playful rhythms, in which the sound seems to go deeper and deeper until rising from the depths with bouncing call-and-response synths and guitar samples. The seemingly simple surface hides a thick mix of elements, especially on “J09”, where delicate notes reveal themselves amid the rhythm track and floating samples.

The second half of the EP is comprised of the cuts ‘J06’ and ‘J12’ and, although it keeps the same pace as the previous half, it feels more relaxed, relying more on pads instead of stabs to carry the tune forward. The last track, ‘J12’, incorporates a bubbly bassline that scrapes against the speakers and a nervous, jittery sequence that lies just beneath the surface, in a contrast that is apparent throughout the EP but is more evident in this cut, a sound that combines a laid-back, mental vibe with dancefloor-ready beats, and which, thanks to this release, is well underway of becoming Puma’s trademark sound.

Puma’s ‘Miami Analog Jams 001’ is out now. You can stream it below, and grab your copy here.

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