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Puma’s Miami Analog Jams Releases Its First EP

Puma’s Miami Analog Jams releases its first EP

It’s a minimal, dubbed-out 4-tracker.

Miami Analog Jams is a new kid on the block. Established during this unique 2020, the imprint focuses on groundbreaking analog sound design and live jamming. For its first release, the independent label begins its journey with its boss, Venezuelan-Miami-based DJ, and producer Puma.

Spacious and echo-drenched, Puma takes on a fast pace, as he creates a vortex of an EP where all ends meet. Rolling along with the minimalistic theme that runs throughout the whole release, the Southamerican artist aptly chooses to name the tracks as ‘J09’, ‘J10’, ‘J06’ and ‘J12’, tying in everything, from the music itself to the art, to even the track names, showcasing just how much thought and dedication went into his maiden creation for Miami Analog Jams.

Puma’s ‘Miami Analogue Jams 001’ is out now. You can stream it below, and grab your copy here.

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