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In the shadows: A conversation with anonymous Purple Tears

With a mysterious Grammy-winning act allegedly working behind the scenes, Purple Tears has cultivated an aura of intrigue that enhances the allure of their music.

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In a time where social media often overshadows musical artistry, Purple Tears embraces their anonymity, allowing the music to speak for itself. By staying hidden, they invite listeners to solely focus on the sonic experience, free from any preconceived notions or expectations.

Through captivating visuals and a unique sonic landscape, Purple Tears aims to create a fully immersive experience for their audience. When the visuals seamlessly align with the music, they go beyond mere enhancement and become an integral part of the overall artistic expression.

EG had the opportunity to catch up with Purple Tears and explore the inspirations behind their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Tarzana.’

EG: Hi! Welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Purple Tears:  Thanks for the invite.  I’m doing well. We are currently at a nightclub in Hollywood. Forgot we had this interview, so we’re hiding in the bathroom to get it done!

EG: Ha! Thanks for your precious time and congratulations on the release of your debut EP ‘Tarzana’! You must be very excited to finally share this one. What has the initial reception been like so far? Have you been able to test these in a live setting?

Purple Tears:  Seems like people like it, but we honestly haven’t really checked. The fourth quadrant is always the hardest for us. 1: The initial idea. 2: Making that idea come to life. 3: Getting that idea out into the world. 4: The world’s response to that idea. We haven’t played our project live yet. That will be an exciting moment.

EG: So, what’s ‘Tarzana’ all about? Is there a concept or thread interconnecting these 7 tracks? Where does the name ‘Tarzana’ come from?

Purple Tears: All the songs are songs we never had a chance to write to the love of our lives. Here’s to hoping they hear it one day. Tarzana is the city she lives in. Or at least used to.

“We have never let people really see who we are. So, Purple Tears is just an extension of where we left off”

EG: And musically? What can listeners expect to find on ‘Tarzana’? Is there a particular reason why you decided to go with this selection of tracks on your debut EP?

Purple Tears:   We’d say it’s hard to put into words what this music sounds like. We would actually love to know what you think it sounds like. These are just the first seven songs we wrote for Purple Tears. So, we figured we would put them out before they disappear.

EG: There’s a certain aura of anonymity to the Purple Tears project. Was this something you planned out from the beginning? In what ways does it impact what you put out and how people interact with it?

Purple Tears:  We have never let people really see who we are. So, Purple Tears is just an extension of where we left off. I’m sure it is hard for people to interact with it being a voice and weird sounds coming at them through whatever platform they’re listening on.

EG: Stepping outside of the studio for a bit… How do you feel about the way social media has impacted the chances of an artist “making it”? Does it feel like we’re selling way more than just music by now?

Purple Tears:  Music is second now. It is not about greatness anymore; it is about content numbers and stats. People at the labels don’t trust their guts anymore; they only look at stats as it makes their jobs a lot easier. As the creators, we still have to trust our guts fully. So, at least there is still that.

EG: By the way, what do you think about the current trend that has seen these larger-than-life visuals take center stage? Are they overwhelming the musical aspect instead of just “enhancing” the musical experience?

Purple Tears:  If the visuals all align, then it is amazing. When you take psychedelics, it all becomes the same thing because it really is all the same thing. It is just frequencies. The visuals have to fully connect.

“All the songs are songs we never had a chance to write to the love of our lives”

EG: What’s next for Purple Tears? What new milestones are you looking forward to now?

Purple Tears:  Here’s to hoping she hears this music.

EG: Thank you for your time! We’re excited to see what’s in store for you. Take care!

Purple Tears:  Thanks for thinking of me.

Purple Tears ‘Tarzana’ is now available via Warner Records. Stream and download  here.

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