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Rapture Music Festival ’18

On March 22nd, Rapture Music Festival came together for its second edition at Virginia Key Park in Miami. The natural setting surrounded by tropical waters provided partygoers with exclusive views of the city while enjoying many great sets from a lineup packed with a multitude of top Djs and producers.

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The music gathering was divided into 6 stages – Terra, Un_mute, Soundgarden, Nomad, Mixmag, Where Are My Keys – including some proven talent like Art Department, Luciano, Guy Gerber, Chris Liebing, Art Department, Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, Danny Howells, RPR Soundsystem, tiNi and Zip.

The celebrations started early at 7 am, with an extended set by the Romanian trio known as RPR Soundsystem. Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu dropped a morning session showcasing all their minimal tech skills that involved the attendees onto the techno mood they regularly display around the world. Their session ended around 1 pm.

For those in the look for some healing and wellness programs, there was an area designated for holistic practices, meditation, and yoga.

As we approached the afternoon hours, we ventured through the different stages and areas listening to the wide variety of musical acts, all with first-class sound systems. The Soundgarden brought the progressive vibes to the festival delivering some nostalgic comfort in Nick Warren’s set as he managed the stage vibes to perfection. We can’t stress enough how this accomplished veteran keeps performing at such a high level. Guy MantzurEelke Kleijn, Hernan Cattaneo, and Danny Howells were also dialed in with their sets.

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At the Terra Stage, we found notable acts like Art Department, Guy Gerber, and MANFLY who delivered proper beats in the festival’s main stage who increased in attendees as the hours went by, ending with Luciano and Chris Liebing who played some classics and their accustomed tribal beats.

Located in the same spot and with great ocean views, we moved to the Un_mute stage which was defined by minimal and techno styles.  After last year’s gathering, they went through a similar direction in terms of music curation bringing some world-class talent like tINI, Ion Ludwig, Sammy Dee, and Zip. The ambiance was dark driven, with lots of sounds and minimal beats creating a deep atmosphere among its visitors.

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The support of Miami’s local talent was key in building the base vibes of the rest of the festival as in opening sets by Atom Yard and Kike Roldan at The Soundgarden stage. We want to give a shout-out to Jason Rault in the Nomad stage who was a breath of fresh air as we danced in the company of Mixmag’s raver of the year, Bradley Gunn.

Having enjoyed the whole day and night with friends from all over the world, we still believe there’s plenty of room for improvement. We’re sure the organizers will adjust what’s necessary for next year’s edition. With the proper tweaks, Rapture Festival might easily become the best alternative for those who are escaping from the commercial shadow that’s always roaming around Miami Music Week.

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