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Rave The Planet Moves To Organize A New Love Parade

Rave the Planet moves to organize a new Love Parade

The donations for the project already started.

The German organization Rave The Planet has set itself the goal of re-organizing the famous Love Parade in Berlin with an ingenious proposal to raise funds.

Members of the group, which serves as a platform for the development and promotion of electronic music and its culture, created a model of the June 17th street as a representation of the parade. To raise funds, those who wish to help must donate 5 euros or more, and in return, the figure of a new raver will be included in the model.

The project is expected to be 48 meters long and include at least 1 and a half million mini-ravers from donations. The first phase of this idea is now available on Berlin’s Leipziger Street, in front of the Bundesrat and in the garden where the first Tresor was located.

Watch the project images below and donate here

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