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Redu X and Oldloop collaborate on ‘Just Keep On’

Blending mellow BPMs with an electrifying sound.

Photo credit: Redu X – Facebook

Redu X and Oldloop have teamed up for their latest collaborative EP release, titled ‘Just Keep On.’ The EP can now be found on Almar.

‘Just Keep On’ perfectly showcases the seamless collaboration between these two artists, blending mellow BPMs with an electrifying sound that highlights the unique style of each contributor. Drawing inspiration from progressive house, melodic techno, and a touch of afro house, ‘Just Keep On’ offers a diverse and captivating musical journey.

The opening track, ‘Absorbed,’ sets the tone with its sci-fi and techno-infused atmosphere, featuring rhythmic beats, synths, and captivating electronic elements. The title track, ‘Just Keep On,’ takes a more organic approach, incorporating claps and impactful vocals into its rhythmic production.

Listen to ‘Just Keep On’ below and download your copy here.

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