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Renato Ratier launches new moniker, Ratier, and presents album ‘Ritual’

Now available through D-Edge Records.

Photo credit: Renato Ratier – Facebook

Renato Ratier, a prominent figure in the Latin American underground house scene and owner of Brazilian club D-Edge, has recently released his latest album entitled ‘Ritual’, under his new moniker, Ratier.

The 12-track LP kicks off with the deep house vibes of ‘Aura’, featuring ethereal pads and vocals. The celestial journey continues with ‘Mantra’, a collaborative track with L_cio, showcasing a warm bassline. ‘Cerimonia’ offers a bass-driven experience with jungle ambiance, while ‘Ventre’ brings a tribal flute-led bounce.

‘Dialeto’ highlights Ratier’s talent for crafting groovy house beats with intricate sound designs and a tropical touch. ‘Profeta’ comes alive with wooden hits, shakers, and a funky bassline, providing an ideal foundation for the preacher-like vocals. ‘Terra’ layers Latin percussion and hypnotic flutes, while ‘Jamila’ showcases soulful vocal flair and lush strings. ‘Sopro’ introduces a chunky tech house vibe with a carnival atmosphere. The final three tracks consist of the old-school Chicago house monologue of ‘Abençoado’, the trance-inducing house tones of ‘Bamboo’, and the blend of indigenous melodies and vocal chants in ‘Ritual’.

Stream and download ‘Ritual’ here.

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