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Renato Ratier – Minemalistic EP (D-Edge Records)

Renato Ratier – Minemalistic EP (D-Edge Records)

Renato Ratier must be one of the busiest men in dance music. He runs D-Edge and is opening a second D-Edge in Rio, also is involved in Warung and both labels those clubs operate as well as DJing all over and producing.

Next on his agenda is a new one track effort on D-Edge that gets complemented by a remix from Acid Mondays.

It is that remix that goes first: ‘Minemalistic’ is a near eight minute minimal monster with light and airy drums, delicate percussion and spine tingling chords all making you dance. It is smooth and silky and the sort of seductive track that really makes whole floors lock on to the beat.

The original version is a little brighter and lighter, with warming chords rolling over the hunched drum beats.

Both these cuts are perfectly heady and cerebral then and make for anotehr fine outing on the D-Edge label.

Renato Ratier – Minemalistic (D-Edge Records) is already available to buy here.

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