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ReSolute’s Boat Party With Roman Flügel

ReSolute’s boat party with Roman Flügel

Nothing makes you say “I love New York” as much as a Summer boat party.

The day was Sunday July 17th when ReSolute, one of New York’s most recognized promoters, held a boat party to celebrate Nektarios’ (ReSolute founder’s) birthday weekend. This was their first and only boat party of the summer with a well-crafted lineup of Roman Flügel, Tim Sweeney and Connie b2b Alex Graham.


It was a beautiful day to set sail around the shores of the city “that never sleeps”. The boat departed from the west side of Manhattan and started moving to the Hudson’s river south area. After a few minutes of our voyage, we were all looking at the “Statue of Liberty” , so close that it felt like tourism but 100 times better. New York’s own and Beats in Space host Tim Sweeney started playing some magic eclectic house tunes and started to move to darker beats as the sun came down. His usual ability to create a perfect musical atmosphere set the tone for the main guest of the evening,  german maestro Roman Flügel.

Roman’s set is almost impossible to describe. His sound is so unique and varied, that it is hard to use adjectives for it. All that we can say is that his cutting edge techno, filled with on-point ups and downs and kept us going through the entire ride. The city lights, and ReSolute’s iconic smiley face was the perfect landscape for all the sounds we were experiencing.

Definitely the sum of all parts made this evening something special and we can’t wait for next year’s summer to navigate and celebrate with the all the ReSolute gang.



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