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BiGz – In The Zone – Ready Mix Records

BiGz – In The Zone – Ready Mix Records

BiGz blurs the lines between electronica and traditional Arabic music.

Ready Mix Records is back at it once again, with a rare appearance by label boss BiG AL, under his BiGz moniker with ‘In The Zone’, a gorgeous cut that dives deep into his middle-eastern roots, and also gets the remix treatment from Khaaron, Music P, Bodaishin, and Da3boul, in what is truly a global effort.

Heavy on the beat, the original version presents itself as a sensual, heady ride. It’s a place where hypnotic percussion takes center stage, as reversed synth swells provide an old-school house feel, that contrasts perfectly with spaced out interventions for a unique hybrid. It’s a beautiful, low slung affaire, that feels irresistible once the low-end kicks in.

The first remix here comes courtesy of Khaaron, who dives deeper into the tribal ritual. With some fantastic drums and arrangements, the track feels a bit darker and more mysterious, as vocal chants resemble the call of sirens, luring stray wanderers into a wall of smoke. For his part, Music P’s take stands tall on the shoulders of a gripping bassline that anchors a blissed-out trip. More spacious than previous takes, it feels warmer as it takes the listener gently by the hand.

On the flip side, two more remixes can be found, as Bodaishin and Da3boul deliver more powerful takes, built for those late-night club moments. Injecting some Latin flavor and up-ing the tempo in his version, the argentine producer Bodaishin opts for a heavy framework that compels listeners to take the dive into uncharted territory. More robust than its predecessors, he trades finesse for sheer power, flexing its tribal muscles. On the other hand, Da3boul goes down on a similar path but takes a detour into a lush territory. The house stabs take the spotlight, perhaps shining like in no other version of ‘In The Zone’. It’s a silk laden groove, where the vocals feel just straight-up sexier, crafted to gleam under those disco balls.

It’s not always easy to compile several remixes of a single track in one delivery, and even more so, have them sound like distinct and unique creations, but that is exactly what Ready Mix Records has achieved with BiGz’s latest outing. A record that spans from tribal house to progressive and back, where there’s something for everyone.

BiGz‘s ‘In The Zone’ is available now, and you can grab your copy here.


  1. BiGz – In The Zone (Original Mix)
  2. BiGz – In The Zone (Khaaron Remix)
  3. BiGz – In The Zone (Music P Remix)
  4. BiGz – In The Zone (Bodaishin Remix)
  5. BiGz – In The Zone (Da3boul Club Dub)
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