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Elements Music and Arts Festival

Last Saturday was the second edition of BangOn!’s Elements Music and Arts Festival at Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was one of the warmest days of the summer but this didn’t stop a crowd of 8,500 music fans from attending this all day and night event.

It has been BangOn!’s largest event so far and at this rate Elements could very well become one of the top major festivals in NYC. For this occasion there were 37 artists performing across five stages that represented the different elements of nature – Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and a fifth mysterious element. The rugged appeal of the abandoned Red Hook Grain Terminal was an ideal location to effectively showcase the event. All available spaces were creatively used to display each concept on different stages.

06_BangOnNYC_ELEMENTS_08132016_Photo-ChrisLazzaro-FreedomFilmLLCPhoto: Chris Lazzaro / Freedom Film LLC

The main stage was the largest of stages, and boasted a beautiful floral theme representing the Earth element. During the evening LED screens gave way to a totally different yet pleasant vibe. The music included Brooklyn’s own Gramatik, and Mija, who provided the perfect amount of energy to keep our feet grounded to their earthy beats.

As we kept walking we stumbled upon the MixMag’s Water Stage, which featured Claptone, Klingande, Mat.Joe and more. This space was always full of people and it had an elevated stage that reminded us of a the Robot Heart’s stage at Burning Man. One of the highlights was when the French DJ Klingande played his famous track “Jubel” with a live saxophone player, at this point everyone was dancing with their hands up in the air.



04_BangOnNYC_ELEMENTS_08132016_Photo-TonyColasurdoPhoto: Tony Colasurdo / Tony Colasurdo Photography

The third one we encountered was the ZERO Air Stage, by far our favorite of the festival. It was located between a large abandoned ship and a smaller boat, and was cooly covered with swathes of fabric that created the perfect amount of shade from the blistering heat. Here, Yokoo, Oona Dahl, Be Svendsen, and Blond:ish were in charge of creating a musical atmosphere of melodic, deep and dreamy beats which turned darker in tone as nightfall progressed.

The Fire Stage was located in a more intimate space featuring Hip-Hop, Trap and similar styles. It gave the crowd a taste of something different, and we enjoyed the vibes there.


26_BangOnNYC_ELEMENTS_08132016_Photo-ChrisLazzaro-FreedomFilmLLCPhoto: Chris Lazzaro / Freedom Film LLC

Finally, the Fifth “mysterious” Element appropriately took place indoors in an abandoned warehouse, which quickly became a large sauna filled with people. The Desert Hearts Crew, Devotion DJs, and David Hohme made sure that all who ventured in to listen to the warmth of their sound, would happily enjoy basking in the heat’s humidity.

As we walked from one stage to the next, there were many performances, vendors, face painters, artists, and more. Clearly, organizers went to great lengths to ensure that every element would invoke within attendees an unforgettable festival experience. Elements Music and Arts Festival was most definitely an original music experience, providing a platform for all elements to be creatively and effectively featured in a unique space with incredible artists. The production was on point, with a variety of music to suit all music preferences. We had one of the most memorable days of the summer, and we can’t wait to go back next year!

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