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Ricardo Villalobos, Enzo Siragusa, and more: fabric’s epic 24th birthday

fabric celebrated its 24th birthday in style, taking electronic music enthusiasts on a wild ride from techno to house, featuring a whopping 30-hour non-stop music extravaganza.

Photo credit:  @benedictpriddy / @benmcquaide

An exceptional roster of talent took command of the decks, featuring a harmonious blend of local gems and internationally acclaimed luminaries. The likes of Harry McCanna, Enzo Siragusa, Craig Richards, and the iconic resident Ricardo Villalobos ensured that fabric’s anniversary became a sonic feast to satisfy an eclectic range of musical palates.

Stepping into the club on a bright Sunday morning, I was immediately struck by the transformation. fabric had managed to turn the venue into a warm and welcoming haven for ravers, ensuring everyone felt right at home. For those seeking respite from the main room’s relentless energy, a chill-out area offered ambient and meditative tunes, allowing attendees to momentarily relax. For the hungry and the determined dancers, food was available on-site, keeping the energy levels up and the groove alive. But the real magic lay in the DJs and their electrifying performances.

One standout act was the enigmatic Harry McCanna, a personal favorite of mine for quite some time. His dreamy ’90s sound whisked us away to a heavenly place, interspersed with cheerful house music that left smiles on every face.

Following the British fabric resident, Enzo Siragusa and Fumiya Tanaka unleashed their groovy tracks, compelling the entire crowd to move in unison, with their feet dancing to the irresistible beats.

And what’s a birthday bash without the king himself, Ricardo Villalobos? Teaming up with Raresh for a memorable back-to-back session, they explored the captivating sounds of the ‘ro-minimal’ genre, a trend that emerged with the inception of the Sunwaves festival in Romania.

Ricardo Villalobos had come full circle, as his first set at fabric dates back to 2002 when he was invited by one of the club’s resident DJs, Craig Richards. The two reunited on stage, with Richards opening before Villalobos’s set. As midnight approached, we knew we were in for a sonic treat. The extended back-to-back set showcased the distinct musical approaches and DJing styles of both Villalobos and Raresh.

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and the time to head home arrived. Without a shadow of a doubt, fabric’s 24th anniversary will be remembered not only by the organizers but also by music lovers who flocked to celebrate this special weekend.

Hats off to the club’s team and founders who’ve steered fabric through thick and thin, cementing its status as one of the world’s most esteemed clubs. Even after a period of closure, the London venue continues to thrive, bringing together people from all walks of life for their shared love of electronic music.

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