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Fideles – Endless Sacrifice – Afterlife

Fideles – Endless Sacrifice – Afterlife

Italian duo Fideles had a massive 2018, with tracks like ‘Resonant’ and ‘Lotus’ setting clubs and festivals alight (‘Resonant’ even made it into Tale Of Usfabric97). With a penchant for crafting epic sounding melodic techno, they now return to Afterlife to kickstart their year with ‘Endless Sacrifice’.

To call opener ‘Heading North’ cinematographic would be a complete understatement. The duo knows this game inside out, and show great maturity in their sound design. Intensifying synthlines set the atmosphere, as an earth-quaking bassline treads the way deep underground. But it’s in those treks to the surface, in which Flu’s almost soft-porn vocals inject the track with fresh air that we’re allowed to contemplate the full picture. This is what a masterpiece feels like.

The second track, ‘Harmed’ sees the Italian pair dim down the lights even more, as they take a more aggressive approach. Modulated stabs take the limelight, as the dark horses that power this one are left to run wild, unchecked. ‘Endless Sacrifice’ signals the halfway mark, as Fideles go for a left-fielded detour. Here, an eerie melody-box like piano seems to wander aimlessly, in the most beautiful manner over a machinegun of a drumline, until it’s gone, like a ghost in the night.

EP closer ‘Taynos’ is quite possibly the most dancefloor-oriented track in the lot, and in it we get to see the duo in full force. In an electrifying moment, acid stabs sway in and out, over a jet-black framework, as gorgeous swells ride the tide in mesmerizing manner. Fideles’ second outing for melodic techno giants Afterlife is certainly nothing short of a showstopper. 4 impressive sides to the Italian maestros, which seem to set the bar over the moon for this 2019.

Fideles’ ‘Endless Sacrifice’ is available on Afterlife. Stream/Buy here.

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