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Ricardo Villalobos to release new studio album ‘Hold My Drums’

The drums might kick in on the B-side.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Villalobos – Facebook

 German-Chilean icon Ricardo Villalobos has announced the incoming drop of his latest studio LP, ‘Hold My Drums’.

The new record has no release date as of yet, but many fans believe it will probably come out by the time Phil Collins’ drums find their way into ‘Something In The Air Tonight’.

While information is still scarce, the artist himself has anticipated that ‘Hold My Drums’ will make ‘Easy Lee’ feel like a marching band anthem”, and that “there might not be any drums at all”, as he left a trail of confusion behind.

“I’ve always considered myself as a pioneer, and started thinking about how minimal could get even more minimalistic. Now, I’m thinking “Micro-Minimal” might actually be the answer.” he added.

This is still a developing story. Hold your drums.
(Happy April fools’ day)

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