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Richie Hawtin Launches Interactive App, ‘CLOSER’

Richie Hawtin launches interactive app, ‘CLOSER’

The platform includes multiple functions to intervene with the artist’s music.

Richie Hawtin, in collaboration with Telekom and Electronic Beats, has launched an app called ‘CLOSER’, which allows users to manipulate and interact with his latest audiovisual album ‘Close Combined (Glasgow, London, Tokyo – Live), which was released on last September.

The app features different functions like bass mixing, and also brings an overlay mixer panel that allows users to deconstruct and manipulate individual audio channels of the Hawtin mix. In addition, it has a vertical design that lets fans see and alternate between different angles of the HD camera, thus closing the gap between the live experience of electronic and digital music.

“I’ve always been interested in the intersection of music and technology and the CLOSER App is the perfect marriage of the two, which I hope gives new insight into how I play and create my unique Hawtin sound. In a world filled with DJs who are happy with the status quo of electronic music performance, I strive to push forward, challenge myself and hopefully inspire the next generation of Techno performers to continue to go beyond the norm”, Hawtin commented.

The application also includes an exclusive audiovisual edition of his presentation at the Bonusz Festival in Budapest during 2017 named ‘Budapest Condensed’. ‘CLOSER’ is available for free download on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

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