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Richie & Matthew Hawtin present NFT project, F.U.S.E.

Their first release is already up on the Async Art platform. 

Canadian brothers Richie & Matthew Hawtin have announced F.U.S.E., an NFT project combining brand new audio & visual art. The first collaboration, ‘Syntax [Two]’, was released on Monday, May 24th, on the platform Async Art as part of their Wave II concept on Async Music, the blockchain-based platform that allows musicians to create a changeable menu of audio composites that allow multiple versions of a single song.

According to its press release, ‘artists upload all audio & visual variations, called ‘Stem Layers’, for a future owner to choose their favorite version and change the current live song, called ‘Master Track’, for everyone else to see and hear. In the example of the Hawtin collaboration, ‘Syntax [Two]’ is made up of eight layers that can be combined in subtle but profound ways to create unique iterations.’

An additional feature of Async Music technology is that there will also be a set of limited white label NFT’s which will also allow users to mint their own platinum, gold, silver editions of the current state of the master track, allowing more people to participate in the NFT version of ‘Syntax [Two]’ and own unique versions.

‘Syntax’ envisions a future where art is fully malleable and evolves as it enters the public space. Instilled with principles to govern each iteration, works will weave themselves into the fabric of our lives and continue to develop in our extended reality. Async is at the forefront of programmable layered digital artworks and we are proud to be part of their innovation now in music and extended realities around music,’ say Richie & Matthew Hawtin.

The ‘Syntax [Two]’ NFT project is part of the new F.U.S.E. EP, ‘Syntax’, which also features the more dancefloor focused ‘Syntax [One]’ and will be released on streaming platforms on June 4th.

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