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Ricmho debuts with ‘Melo De Melo’ on Drumma Records

With a friendship that spans over twenty years, Chileans Ricardo Villalobos and Umho are finally releasing the long awaited debut or their collaborative project Richmo.

The release will celebrate Drumma Records’ 5 year anniversary. The tracks were produced during last winter in Berlin while they were touring through Europe and are greatly influenced by the South American roots that Villalobos and Umho share.

Founded in Chile, the label has pushed the local sound with releases from artists such as Julian Perez, Livio & Roby and Vinyl Speed Adjust. This will be their 15th vinyl release. The founders of the label Felipe Venegas and Bruno Schiavi share that “We look for innovative sound that gets you moving; we think that this is what keeps music alive.”

The release will be out on December 6th in vinyl format.

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