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Rodriguez Jr. releases Feathers & Bones remixes

Featuring three new remixes.

Photo Credit:  Rodriguez Jr. – Facebook

Rodriguez Jr.’s Feathers & Bones album just got remixed by new outstanding talent, including Elif, Skala, and an up-and-coming artist  Øostil.

Skala, who started off as a pianist and is now a producer based in Berlin, brings her blend of melodic techno with weighty basslines and airy melodies to her remix of ‘Turn The Light On’ by Rodriguez Jr. & Stereo MC’s. Elif, a Turkish producer who is gaining recognition in the dance music industry, puts her own spin on ‘Amplify’ by Rodriguez Jr. & Liset Alea. Meanwhile, Øostil creates a minimalist and organic sound that resonates emotionally with her remix of ‘Amplify.’

Stream and download Rodriguez Jr.’s Feathers & Bones Remixes here.

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