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Ron Flatter announces his second album ‘Muscle Of Synths’

The album is the first Flatter’s full-length work after seven years since he launches ‘Growth Rings’, his debut album.

Ron Flatter is fifteen years in the game, a prolific producer DJ and the founding owner of Pour La Vie
Records. Last year he has been working on his latest ten-track LP titled ‘Muscle Of Synths’, this new project demonstrates the level he is operating at now, an outstanding exhibition of his studio prowess and songwriting ability.

“It was clear that it was time to release my second album. After a lot of releases, I wanted to do something coherent that is not picked to pieces by different labels. It tells my story which you can experience live with me on the floor when I perform. The album is a cross-section of my work of the last 2-3 years. Through the album, you can hear my techno as well as trance and 80s influences” he said.

‘Muscle Of Synths’ will be released April 5th on Pour La Vie Records.

Listen to promotional single ‘Narcissus’ below.


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