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Ross From Friends drops new software & 50GB of samples

Tresho was created as the artist worked on his ‘Tread’ album.

Ross From Friends has shared a new free customizable Max For Live audio tool that features over 2,000 recordings from his own studio. Designed as an ‘ever-expanding sound bank’, Tresho works by recording an audio input ‘once it hits a defined threshold and stops once it drops below’.

Ross celebrated the launch of Tresho via an Instagram post which explained: ‘Over the course of writing ‘Tread’, Thresho automatically created this audio diary of everything I did in the studio. The album is defined by this process, so I wanted people to be able to interact with it to get a closer understanding of the album as a whole.’

The artist further explains that the recordings actually used on ‘Tread’ are not included, as he wanted them to ‘stand alone as their own entity.’

Check out Ross From Friends’ social media post below, and learn more about Tresho here.


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