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Ross Harper shares new single ‘Deep Life’

From the forthcoming ‘The Dark Album’.

Brighton-based Producer & DJ Ross Harper has just unveiled his latest single with the release of ‘Deep Life’. The new drop is the first glimpse into his upcoming LP, ‘The Dark Album’, and is already available to stream and purchase across major digital platforms via City Wall Records.

Energetic, ‘Deep Life’ is an affirming piece that seeks to isolate the listener from the noise, bringing them closer to their own sound, enabling them to be present, here and now.

“After almost 20 years of deep contemplation, I emerged in November 2018 after experiencing what I would call my Third Awakening. I am now in a very different chapter of my life. The tracks in ‘The Dark Album’ were all written during this almost catatonic state and hence are almost like a mirror to the inner darkness.” says Harper about this new project.

Ross Harper’s ‘The Dark Album’ will be out this Autumn. Listen to ‘Deep Life’ below, and purchase your copy here.

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