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Ruede Hagelstein: “The melodies just arrive in my head”

With releases spanning across such labels as Get Physical, Watergate, Suara and most recently Upon.You, it comes as no surprise that Ruede Hagelstein is a highly sought after talent when it comes to throwing a party. Each and every time the Berlin born producer/DJ serves up tantalising underground music that transports you with ease to the most vibrant places. Following on from his recent Upon.You release ‘Escape’ we caught up with Ruede to discuss further what went into this collection, and what is on the horizon for what is sure to be a busy summer.

Electronic Groove: Hi Ruede, pleasure to get the chance to talk to you today. Let’s jump straight into your recent release on the Upon.You imprint, “Escape”. Walk us through the two tracks that feature on this EP, where did the inspiration come from?

Ruede Hagelstein: Well, I have no idea where my ideas are coming from. I’m just jamming around, saving the stuff I like. I try to not be influenced by genre hypes. I like cineastic moments and special sounds, that’s why I don’t use loop compilations and try to create everything by my own. The melodies just arrive in my head, when I play the keys and knobs.

Electronic Groove: On a technical basis, how was the studio set up for this EP, was it solely software or did you use a blend with hard ware too?

Ruede Hagelstein: Fetzo is 80% live recording. Nearly everything you hear is played in a jam situation. Sound bowls, hand claps, synth lines, glass plings. Just a few elements were set in the DAW. Leonidas, toms were recorded live using the Keinemusik Delay. Most synths on this record are analog gear. But I use VST too. Actually I like to mix digital and analog stuff.

Electronic Groove: Sticking with the studio, do you have one piece of equipment, a synth, a plug in maybe, that most defines your sound you’re making today?

Ruede Hagelstein: I like all those tiny inventions fitting on a small table, like Yamaha CS, Volca Keys, Dave Smith Tetra. I just bought the Analog 4 to have a nice sequenced synth to play around with. For kick drums i use my holy MFB Tanzbär.

Electronic Groove: We’re well into the flow of the summer season, packed with festivals and a mood to party. Do you have a standout memories for shows you have recently been playing? What made it so special?

Ruede Hagelstein: I just came back from Fusion Festival. Hard to beat this, the whole festival is so special and the mood is outstanding. The people seem ready for new sounds. Basically I like small venues the most, the bigger ones are forcing the djs to do boring peak time job. This reminds me of McDonalds, DJs are playing menu 1, 2 or 3 with ketchup. Nothing new.

Electronic Groove: Which of your upcoming shows are you most excited to play?

Ruede Hagelstein: I play in Moscow on Friday, for the first time. And I play at Secret Garden Festival UK in two weeks, stunning line up. End of summer  i have the Australia tour, first time too. I love new experiences.

Electronic Groove: Looking back over your entire musical life, how have your interests changed, both in your productions but also what you listen to in your when not fully immersed in electronic music?

Ruede Hagelstein: I still like every kind of good music. All genres. I’m just not shouting anymore in a Hardcore band. At the moment I’m focussed on DJ stuff. Later in my life I will change to more pop and indie stuff I guess.

“I got my first vinyl when I was 6 years old”


Electronic Groove: What was your first introduction into music, and has this had an influence on the sound you make today?

Ruede Hagelstein: I got my first vinyl when I was 6 years old. It was ABBA – Dancing Queen (Haha). Jimi Hendrix, Kate Bush and Aphex Twin were following. There was so much stuff, the Berlin techno scene influenced me while dancing in clubs and I was listening chill out stuff at home. There are plenty of genres from the beginning until now.

Electronic Groove: Who would you say is your biggest influence artist wise is, what are the similarities between them and yourself?

Ruede Hagelstein: Really too many to mention. I’m always impressed by DJ Koze, Matthew Dear

Electronic Groove: What is next over the coming months? What labels can we expect to see you on and where can we catch you live?

Ruede Hagelstein: Next to my homies Watergate, Upon.You and Souvenir Records I’m sending out some demos right now to a couple of other labels. I did so many remixes over the last few months and I want to focus on my own stuff now. But this is all secret.. ;)

Electronic Groove: Great talking to you today, all the best!

Ruede’s latest release Escape is available via Upon.You, pick up a copy here!

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