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Ryan Hill shares KATERMUKKE debut EP, ‘Indigo’

Featuring three new original cuts.

South African artist, Ryan Hill, recently launched his debut solo EP titled ‘Indigo’ via the KATERMUKKE label.

The EP, consisting of three tracks, blends elements of melodic techno and indie dance. The standout track, ‘Indigo,’ showcases a contrast between a euphoric bridge and a powerful drop, providing an intense musical experience. ‘Etosha’ features prominent melodies and ethereal chords, while ‘Sirius’ captivates with its driving basslines and intricate rhythms.

Hill is recognized for his diverse productions that push genre boundaries, creating a captivating fusion of spacey, melodic, and progressive sounds that always carry a high level of energy.

Listen to ‘Indigo’ below and download your copy here.

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